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1. The Village
2. Venango Lake
3. Community Center
4. Shingas Circle Pond
5. Original Venango Trails
6. Chilliwack Lane
The Village
Venango Trails is being built from a unique village plan that clusters homes around parks and green spaces. The primary entrance to the Village is off of Freeport Rd.
Venango Lake
At the center of Venango Trails is an existing lake. 2 acres in size, it is surrounded by 8.3 acres of community park and features a walking trail for both fitness and relaxation.
Community Center
At the center of the village there will be a 5,000 square foot Community Center for the residents of Venango Trails. The community center will include a large private event space, expansive outdoor porches and gathering spaces, a smaller community "pub room" for more intimate gatherings, a fitness center, and business office.
Shingas Circle Pond
The second existing pond within the Village is .30 acres in size. Surrounded by Artisan and Cottage Premier Homes, the pond will also have an additional 2.83 acre park surrounding it.
Original Venango Trail
A walk through the woods at Venango Trails will bring you upon the original Venango Trail. Used by Native Americans, Traders, explorers, and the military this historic trail will be preserved for future generations to experience.
Chilliwack Lane
This road leads from the main village to the highest point of Venango Trails. A unique mix of housing is available with views from one of the highest points in Western PA.

A New And Enviable Species Of Neighborhood

The exceptional Venango Trails is built around what is already present. And what is already beautiful. Tranquil lakes and ponds. Acres of woodlands. And a historic Native American Indian trail. What was once a golf course has been transformed into a neighborhood with a rhythm all its own. With cozy front porches. Tree-lined sidewalks. Parks made for playing. Clusters of traditional homes. And a bustling village at the center of it all.

“We built a Cottage home in Venango Trails in 2014. Since then we’ve watched a few homes grow into a bustling community. We never tire of the view of the water and sky from our front windows. Our property overlooks a lake that supports a surprising variety of wildlife. The natural beauty, variety of architectural styles, history of the Venango path and convenient location are most appealing. We’re not in the country but close. The city is twenty minutes away. Interstate and turnpike access is literally around the corner. Shops and restaurants are nearby. The community is a mix of young families, singles and empty-nesters. While we entertain friends from the city and the suburbs, we have new-found friends here as well.” – Ron Meisberger, Venango Trails resident

Nature Blessed Us With A Beautiful Location, Too

Preserved for Future Generations

In an unprecedented move, the ownership group of Venango Trails contributed 88 acres to a local land trust, which guarantees that the area will never be developed. Within this acreage is a portion of the historic Venango Trail, a well-worn path cut by Native Americans and once used as a military road by George Washington and his troops.

Adaptive Reuse and Preservation

The site that Venango Trails is being built upon was previously a public golf course. The plan for Venango Trails was created with the intent that only the original course would be developed, the existing water features would be preserved, and the existing mature woods surrounding the former course would remain in perpetuity.

Sidewalks and Trails

A network of sidewalks for pedestrians and bikers promotes a healthy community and brings the community plan of Venango Trails to life. The sidewalks link to open trails that loop around Venango Lake, as well as some more scenic routes through the surrounding woods, all of which could take you to the well-established path of the historic Venango Trail.

Wide Open Spaces

The natural beauty of the site was thoughtfully considered in the design of Venango Trails. Evidence of this planning can be seen in 174 acres of open space being preserved, while the neighborhood is being built on the remaining 149 acres. The site also has significant terrain variations that allow for wooded green space to remain throughout the community.

A Traditional Neighborhood

The vision behind Venango Trails can be directly seen in the architecture and design not only of the homes, but of the entire neighborhood. At the heart of Venango Trails is the concept of creating a Traditional Neighborhood, which is the process of creating an entirely new neighborhood based on traditional town planning principles. Projects based on this objective include a variety of benefits that are new, yet reminiscent of classic neighborhoods and towns. This concept can be directly seen by taking a walk through Venango Trails and noticing how the traditional architecture of the homes seamlessly fits with the strategic design of the sidewalks, walking trails, street trees and street lights.

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“A perfect blend of pristine woodlands and ready access to one of the most vibrant cities in America.”
“Location, Location, Location is much more than a cliché. It can make a good home the perfect home.”
“A scenic tranquil lifestyle just 20 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, it's all here at Venango Trails."

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